Integrated System Delivers Efficiency and Huge Results for Yale University

By AMAG Technology, Public Relations Manager, Kim Rahfaldt

Credit: Tom Parker/OneRedEyeThe Symmetry SR Retrofit system allowed Yale University to affordably upgrade from their legacy system and save millions of dollars.  Yale was able to keep its existing cards, 5,200 HID card readers and wiring.  Installers simply replaced the micros – or control panels – one building at a time.  With the campus having 947 controllers to convert, this provided a huge savings.

As part of the security program, Yale University wanted to incorporate its other solutions with Symmetry to further enhance their campus security system. The Symmetry SR Retrofit System integrated with several technologies to deliver an effective and efficient security solution.

Providing clear, understandable audio was a must for Yale, who uses audio to speak with students who want to gain access to a residence hall or building, but do not have their access card. Symmetry integrates with a Vingtor-Stentofon Alphacom Audio Server with IP Intercom station. Students push a button and a video of the student pops up at the security station. The student requests access and the security person verifies who the person is before buzzing them into the building.

Biometric fingerprint readers operate with Symmetry to secure laboratories. The fingerprint readers provide another layer of security for critical research labs and areas where limited access is granted.

Yale University installed an NEC Fault Tolerant Server that is located at an undisclosed location, off campus. The server provides continuous availability and achieves near-zero downtime, which is critical for a college campus.

“We have to be fault tolerant because of the size and magnitude of the security system,” said Yale University, Director-Information Technology, David Boyd.

Operationalize the Future

As Yale transitions to its new Symmetry SR Retrofit System, in conjunction, it is using Symmetry CONNECT, a policy- based identity management system. Symmetry CONNECT seamlessly operates with Symmetry Access Control and Yale’s legacy system, providing a workflow that is used across both systems. Information entered in Symmetry CONNECT is transmitted to the two systems, creating a seamless interface. Once the migration is complete, Symmetry CONNECT will help Yale improve its on-and-off boarding process.  

“We plan to improve Credit: Tom Parker/OneRedEyeefficiencies using Symmetry CONNECT by creating a webpage for building managers to provision access and make changes for students,” said Boyd. “Eliminating our old system of sending emails to a central scheduler will save money and time, and improve how we service our students and staff.”

Future Integrations

Yale plans to integrate Symmetry Access Control with its existing Milestone xProtect Video Management System, linking alarms with video in all circumstances and provide a safer campus. When an alarm sounds in Symmetry, the video of the area will automatically pop up on the monitor.

They are also exploring the idea of utilizing wireless locks for dorm rooms in the future. Wireless locks will allow students to use access cards to enter their rooms, and the locks will sync to Symmetry on a scheduled basis. This is an affordable option for educational environments where a large number of doors need to be tied to the security system.

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