Training Changes Deliver Flexibility for Today’s Busy Customer

don-boling-face-2By Don Boling, Training and Education Manager, AMAG Technology

AMAG’s Training department is making some changes in how we deliver training for the growing Symmetry product line and ever busy customer. The changes reflect an effort to become more flexible in meeting our customer’s needs.

NEW Hardware Class – A new three day Symmetry Hardware only course has been designed for those that would like a better understanding of controllers. In this course, we cover all current hardware platforms: Symmetry M2150, EN-Series and SR-Series. This hands-on course teaches students how to install and wire hardware.

NEW Video Class – We have launched a new three day Video class that covers installation, configuration and integration of Symmetry CompleteView Video Management with the Symmetry Access Control System. Students leave class with an in-depth understanding of video recording and camera configuration to assist in the optimization of the Symmetry CompleteView Video system.

NEW Monthly Webinars – We are introducing Monthly Webinars for our Symmetry System users who would like a better understanding of how to perform day-to-day operations. Check the website for a list of topics and how to register. List coming soon.

MORE Online Training Coming Soon – We also will be offering more online training content that will provide training on basic networking, card formats and other Symmetry related topics. Look for those classes in the next few months.

Customers can also take Instructor-led classes in the Burlington, Massachusetts Training Center (Near Boston) in addition to the McLean, VA and Torrance, CA locations. All courses are available at each Training Center.

Additional information will be forthcoming. Please check our Training Department website often for more information and updates to the AMAG Training program.  If you would like to register for a class, please visit or email us at:


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