Delivering Technologies That Make Sense

Kurt Takahashi_photoBy AMAG Technology, Senior Vice President, Kurt Takahashi

Technologies must work together to deliver a total security solution. Whether an organization needs access control, video, identity management, visitor management or a host of complementary technologies like audio, biometrics, or incident management, operating in silos no longer works.  

Security systems need to reach beyond their speeds and feeds and deliver greater operational value to the business. When you select the right technology, it can completely impact the overall business from a risk, cost and compliance perspective.  It can reduce the amount of time it takes people to manage the day to day operations and save money by infusing technology to improve the overall process.  As an example, reducing lobby officers from two to one or automating the process entirely and have an unattended environment. Another example, would be ensuring compliance by automating the process to provide a safe and easy way to ensure all policies are met and the right people are in the right areas with the right approvals.

At AMAG, we listen to our customers and bring technology solutions to market that help end users perform their jobs better. For example, our new Symmetry Control Desk delivers unrivaled unified security in one place. It fuses what historically takes multiple screens and operating windows into one by fusing together both access control events, live and recorded video, control over surrounding devices and automated workflow to help manage the incident and post orders.

Our new Symmetry CONNECT and GUEST hosted solutions help automate all the back office management of visitors, contractors and employees.  It provides an automated way to on-board, manage requests, re-certify access, off-board and audit restricted doors and / or areas. It provides a single operational window to ensure the right people are in the right places with the right approval and quickly report on the outcomes.

AMAG continuously examines new and different technologies in the market.  If there is a need for an integration, we will fill that need.  Our brand new integration with the RISK360 Incident and Case Management solution is a good example. Alarms in the Symmetry Access Control software communicate with RISK360, creating an incident, which could lead to a dispatch and provide critical information, producing a case management report for investigative purposes. We listened to our customers and delivered it.

Our goal at AMAG is to enable innovation and make it easy for customers to adopt. Technology can perform amazing feats, but if not operationally focused, what good is it? Sync up your technology road map and operational road map so the two can work together to provide the greatest value to the business. Working in concert will eliminate silos, save money, mitigate risk and meet compliance while delivering a holistic security solution.

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